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A6 (Postcards) Size Playing Cards

A6 cards are standard postcard size, so if you are looking for a larger than usual playing card deck these are ideal.

Perhaps you want to showcase some products or work that you have produced at a larger size in the middle of the playing card face. Or have a larger version of coaching / educational cards for larger groups of people.

The prices below are based on a 54 card pack, but we can tailor the number of cards to your exact needs.

Prices Include VAT and DeliveryIf you require any more details email us here
or give us a call on 01206 262751.

A6 Playing Cards  (148.5mm x 105mm) - 54 card deck with custom printed boxes

Number of packs Price per pack Total Price
1 £60.00 £60.00
2 £42.00 £84.00
5 £25.00 £125.00
10 £20.00 £200.00
25 £15.00 £375.00
50 £12.00 £600.00
100 £9.50 £950.00
250 £7.95 £1,987.50
500 £6.95 £3,475.00

Prices shown are inclusive of VAT at current standard UK rate (20%)

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Size Comparison - A6