Double Poker Personalised Playing Cards (89mm x 127mm)

Ideal for displaying artwork and more detailed images

We can produce cards at double poker size (89mm x 127mm) to allow for more information on the card, or to show your artwork off to it's full potential at a larger size more suited for display.

The prices below are based on a 54 card pack, but we can tailor the number of cards to your exact needs.

Prices Include VAT and DeliveryIf you require any more details email us here
or give us a call on 01206 262751.

We have pdf templates available for all card sizes, and also custom boxes if you have a different number of cards in your pack. Email us with your card size, and number of cards and we can send over appropriate templates for your pack


Double Poker Playing Cards  (89mm x 127mm) - 54 card deck with custom printed boxes

Number of packs Price per pack Total Price
1 £60.00 £60.00
2 £42.00 £84.00
5 £22.56 £112.80
10 £19.20 £192.00
25 £13.20 £330.00
50 £10.80 £540.00
100 £8.40 £840.00
250 £7.20 £1,800.00
500 £6.34 £3,170.00

Prices shown are inclusive of VAT at current standard UK rate (20%)

Double Poker Size Playing Cards

Size Comparison - Double Poker Size