Large Size Personalised Playing Cards

Ideal for use in classrooms or for group activities and learning (89mm x 146mm).

Large size playing cards are exactly that; larger than a standard personalised playing card. The oversized nature of them makes them ideal to share with a group for educational or training cards. We also have other sizes of oversized cards available including A6, A5, and A4 or we can print a custom size to suit your needs.

All large size personalised playing cards are produced on the same casino-grade card stock as our standard size playing cards, but with a smooth finish giving you a professional end product.

The prices below are based on a 54-card pack, but we can tailor the number of cards to your exact requirements. Please email: or call 01206 262751 for more information.

We have pdf templates available for all card sizes, and also custom boxes if you have a different number of cards in your pack. Email us with your card size, and number of cards and we can send over appropriate templates for your pack
Prices Include VAT and Delivery


Large Playing Cards  (89mm x 146mm) - 54 card deck with custom printed boxes

Number of packs Price per pack Total Price
1 £60.00 £60.00
2 £42.00 £84.00
5 £22.56 £112.80
10 £19.20 £192.00
25 £13.20 £330.00
50 £10.80 £540.00
100 £8.40 £840.00
250 £7.20 £1,800.00
500 £6.34 £3,170.00

Prices shown are inclusive of VAT at current standard UK rate (20%)

Why order large size personalised playing cards from us?

A custom deck or promotional pack of large playing cards is a chance to inject some extra fun into a group card activity, or reinforce your brand messaging – but why should you order from us? We think our level of flexibility combined with the high quality of our cards is a fantastic reason!

Totally Flexible - The amount of personalisation you want is entirely up to you. You can choose the number of cards in a pack, whether you want to have single sided or double sided personalisation or branding, and you can have any elements you want changed, from colours, to court card design, logo inclusion, and bespoke imagery. We can offer this level of flexibility because all our design and print work is carried out in-house.

Superior Quality - No matter what size card you order, we always use the same card stock - 320gsm professional grade playing card board - it comes in two finishes, smooth and linen. For our Large Playing Cards we use smooth card as standard. This card has been developed specifically for the creation of playing cards, which gives a superior feel as well as making for easier shuffling.

Jumbo Sized Playing Cards

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