Playing cards



Play Testing and Trial Packs

We don't just produce traditional playing cards: We love working with people who are developing new games, and to help get you to a stage where the product is a saleable item, we are happy to offer a service for you to purchase a trial pack before a larger order.

If you order a trial pack then go on to make an order of 100 packs or more we can deduct the cost of the trial pack from the final order.

If you think this may help you, please send us the details of your custom pack, the things we will need to know are the following, then we can send you a quote for the single pack, and if you let us know how many you might be looking at in the future we can quote this for you at the same time:

  • Size of cards required
  • Number of cards per pack
  • How your artwork will be supplied (ideally a .pdf file to print from)
  • Any additional details that you think may be of importance to us

Email these details to or give us a call on 01206 262751 to discuss your requirements.