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Education Size Playing Cards (89mm x 146mm)

Education size cards are significantly larger than standard playing cards, meaning that they lend themselves to working in small groups so that everyone can see the card more easily.

These are all produced on the same casino-grade card stock as our standard sized playing cards, giving you a professional and durable end product.

The prices below are based on a 54 card pack, but we can tailor the number of cards to your exact needs.

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Education Size Playing Cards  (89mm x 146mm - 54 card deck) with custom printed boxes

Number of packs Price per pack Total Price
1 £60.00 £60.00
2 £42.00 £84.00
5 £22.56 £112.80
10 £19.20 £192.00
25 £13.20 £330.00
50 £10.80 £540.00
100 £8.40 £840.00
250 £7.20 £1,800.00
500 £6.34 £3,170.00

Prices shown are inclusive of VAT at current standard UK rate (20%)

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