Trump Size Cards

Trump Cards - create your own game (62mm x 100mm)

Trump cards are traditionally 62mm x 100mm, with 36 cards in a pack. But if you have more or less cards in your deck this is no problem either.

Have you got a custom set that you would like to see printed as professional cards? We print our trump cards on a smooth version of the same casino-grade card playing card stock that we use for Poker and Bridge cards.

Create your own custom categories, base it on Friends, family or anything you like!

Or perhaps you have an altogether different application than trumps where a slightly larger card is necessary?

Prices Include VAT and DeliveryFor other quantities or numbers of cards in a pack, please   email us here with the details or give us a call on 01206 262751.

We have pdf templates available for all card sizes, and also custom boxes if you have a different number of cards in your pack. Email us with your card size, and number of cards and we can send over appropriate templates for your pack

Trump Cards - 36 cards per pack with Custom Printed Boxes
Smooth Playing Card Board as standard -
Linen finish available at no extra cost

Number of packs Price per pack Total Price
1 £50.00 £50.00
2 £30.00 £60.00
5 £18.00 £90.00
10 £11.00 £110.00
25 £7.40 £185.00
50 £5.50 £275.00
100 £4.78 £478.00
250 £4.30 £1,070.00
500 £3.25 £1,625.00
1000 £2.50 £2,500.00

Prices shown are inclusive of VAT at current standard UK rate (20%)

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