Environmentally Friendly Personalised Playing Cards

Posted Monday 4th June 2018 14:48

Environmentally FriendlyWe take the environment very seriously when creating your personalised playing cards

Here at Playing Cards Personalised we take the environment very seriously and are always looking at ways to decrease landfill waste and do our best to create a greener world. Over the last 12 months we have implemented a number of directives to maximise the amount of waste we recycle.

The paper and card we use for printing the personalised playing cards is sourced from sustainable forests, this applies for both the textured and smooth versions available.

99% of our paper and cardboard is now recycled, all our used printing ink plastic containers are sent back to manufacturers for reusing and any other recyclable items are sent for sorting instead of ending up in the ground!

We estimate we are now 95% efficient in our ‘Green’ recycling effort and are constantly looking for ways to improve this further when producing personalised playing cards, and all of the other printed items that we produce - see our main printing website - www.spingold.co.uk