Personalised Playing Cards - Bespoke Design Service

Posted Tuesday 26th June 2018 12:30

Personalised Playing Cards - Bespoke Design Service

We have a team of professional graphic designers on hand to take your personalised playing cards to the next level.

Whether it is for an exhibition giveaway with that extra special touch, a corporate gift for your most important clients, or a really special gift for someone you know, we are here to help.

We can produce completely bespoke personalised playing cards for you, which encompass your brand from subtle touches like changing the colour of the pips to suit your logo colours, right through to custom kings and queens that are reflective of your industry and personalised to suit your brand.

You can see a couple of examples of clients where we have created personalised playing cards to their bespoke requirements here.

The more you can make your personalised playing cards link in to your brand, the more likely you are to stick in your prospective client’s mind, and the great thing about cards is that EVERYONE uses them, and with a professional and high quality finish even the most avid card player will be impressed with your cards produced by Playing Cards Personalised.

Many of our staff members are keen poker players themselves, so developing a product that was of the highest quality to look at and on the table was of the utmost importance to us.

Contact us today to discuss any ideas that you might have, and we are more than happy to make suggestions drawing upon our years of experience to see if we can improve your personalised playing cards idea even further.